Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Thai herbalism is an ancient tradition which continues to be practised in villages in Thailand today.

The use of heated herbal compresses (heated muslin parcels of aromatic Thai spices and herbs) originated in Northern Thailand, and are used frequently in Thailand with traditional massage to help relieve aches and pains, promote natural healing, improve circulation and increase the body’s energy flow.

Thai Herbal Compress massage is rapidly developing to become a popular western spa therapy treatment in which the use of traditional Thai herbs is combined with a variety of techniques to enhance the healing effects of massage.

It is a fantastic and unique treatment experience.


  Thai Style hot herbal compress therapy makes you feel deeply relaxed, whilst providing a feeling of being cleansed and purified.  The treatment allows you to let go of all the stress and tensions that are held within the body.

Back/Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 minutes) .......................... £25.00

Full Body including head and face (1 hour 15 minutes) .................. £45.00